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Help with sleep, stress relief, insomnia, break habits, quit smoking, overeating and New Year's resolutions.

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Relaxation and Motivation


This self-hypnosis recording includes help for ALL of the following:
Stop Unwanted Habits: Smoking, Over-eating, Procrastinating, Biting nails.
Improve: Memory, Personal Health, Confidence Level, Self Image and Esteem.
Motivation to succeed in: Life, Business, Relationships, Positive thinking.
Fall Asleep Easier.
Relieve Stress, Guided Meditation and much more.

Recording Length: 46 Minutes.

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NLP Fast Phobia Cure


Phobias often stem from an event in a person's life that is misinterpreted by the subconscious. Our mind devises a regular course of action to protect us. This recording uses NLP Fast Phobia Cure method to eliminate the fears and phobias. It will reframe a person's thinking, to approach each situation with confident and decisive course of action.

Recording Length: 39 Minutes.

$20 BUY AT AMAZON MP3 Instant Download
Eliminate Fear of Public Speaking


Public speaking ranks high on the list of top fears. This self-hypnosis recording will help you overcome the fear and give you confidence in future presentations.

Recording Length: 36 Minutes

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You Can Do Anything

YOU CAN DO ANYTHING - Book by Boris Cherniak.

Motivational Hypnotist, comedian, speaker, author. An inspirational journey driven by passion and positive attitude, success being the only option. Boris went from being a child musical prodigy to a highly regarded comedy hypnotist and keynote speaker, appearing on international stages, in Las Vegas showrooms and on television. A compelling story of limitless possibilities that motivates and tickles your funny bone.
$20 kindle or paperback BUY AT AMAZON
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Montel Williams Show 1. California, Colorado, Niagara Falls.
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